Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a natural method of healing that focuses on treating the cause of physical problems rather than just the symptoms. Our treatment is designed to function in tandem with the natural processes that already occur within your body, and help aide in a more complete recovery.

Metropolitan’s specialized Care Chiropractic Body Wellness Center is available at both the Eagan and Edina locations. Our trained professionals focus on the spine and central nervous system to help reverse the affects of stress and interal damage and restore your well-being. Our professionals always conduct a thorough assessment of each patient and develop a personalized care plan to maximize potential for recovery.


Chiropractor Consultation

Take that first step in taking control of your health and schedule a no charge consultation with one of our Edina Chiropractors! Contact Us or call 952-288-2230.

Great chiropractic care

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My chiropractic experience with Dr. James began with an emergency visit for a very painful back injury. I am happy to say that after seeing Dr. James, I experienced great relief. The following visits continued the healing. The thing I found most comforting, other than the healing, was the time Dr. James took to listen to what I was experiencing. He then presented an in-depth explanation of the condition and chiropractic care. I really appreciated that. Thank you Dr. James

Michael L.

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