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The Metropolitan staff consists of the most qualified, trained and passionate experts in anti-aging, beauty and plastic surgery to ensure your experience is personalized and positive. Our staff listens, educates and then guides you toward the service(s) and product(s) that are right for you and your desired results.

Dr. Christopher Tolan

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Dr. Tolan is a 1991 graduate of the University of Minnesota Medical School. He is board certified in both facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology. He is active in the Minnesota Medical Association and nationally serves on the Infectious Disease Committee for the American Academy of Otolaryngology.

Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon/Medical Director

Dr. Steven Jacobson

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Dr. Steven R. Jacobson’s is board certified in both general and plastic surgery. He is a current member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and a past president of the Minnesota Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Jacobson earned his medical degree at the University of Minnesota before taking a surgical residency position at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. Even among the best of the best he was an outlier, winning a prestigious Foundation Scholar fellowship to train in Australia under Dr. Bryan Mendelson, the world’s leading authority on facial anatomy. That’s where Dr. Jacobson mastered minimally invasive facelifts, and the experience inspired him to develop his own natural skills in facial rejuvenation, aesthetic, and reconstructive breast and body surgery. Soon after, Dr. Jacobson accepted a staff position at Mayo where he taught and practiced for nine years as a plastic surgeon and is internationally known for his technique and results.

Outstanding results are not an accident. Recognized worldwide for his advances in breast implant surgery, Dr. Steven Jacobson specializes in aesthetic surgery with an analytical style and technical mastery that preserves a natural appearance. Devoted to improving patient outcomes, Dr. Jacobson delivers an unparalleled approach in patient care; a kind heart, an inclusive relationship across the spectrum of care, methodical and concise surgical plans, and an artistic approach that yields beautiful results.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon/Medical Director

Suzanne St. James

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Suzanne St. James is a licensed Certified Instructor in Cosmetology, Permanent Cosmetics, Skin Care analysis and application. She is certified in cosmetic Injections, Botox, Dermal Fillers and Laser Technology. Suzanne with 30 years of experience and over 3500 clients in the aesthetic world is a leading practitioner in the Metropolitan area. Suzanne has taught some of the best technicians and instructors in the Twin Cities and has served on the Board of Laws and Rules for Cosmetology. St. James has developed specialized techniques, with a soft touch, expert eye and keen aesthetic sense to give you a natural look. Suzanne believes as we journey through the process of aging, we should strive to restore our youthful radiance inside and out, without looking artificial, but rather as a refreshed version of ourselves.

Clinical Director, Aesthetic Injectable Specialist, Semi Permanent Makeup Technician, Clinical Esthetician and Laser Technician

Ryan Jensen

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Ryan has been with the Metropolitan since its inception. Ryan’s many talents helped to create the stylish, yet comfortable setting at the Metropolitan. From the wall color, to the furniture and accessories, Ryan had a hand in it all. Ryan’s background in the Anti-Aging, Beauty and Wellness industry began in 1998, working as the Assistant Director of the ANARA spa at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. From there, Ryan returned to Minnesota and continued his career in the industry as the Spa Manager of the flagship location of the Sanctuary Salonspa in Eden Prairie, MN. Ryan went on to become the Assistant GM at Spalon Montage in Edina, later moving to the Chanhassen location before moving on to the Ivy Spa at the Hotel Ivy in Downtown Minneapolis, as Operations Manager. Ryan’s passion is working with staff and clients to create an overall experience that is above and beyond. Ryan loves working with the clients of the Metropolitan because “they feel like family, so every day at work feels like you are home visiting with family, catching up on life stories, and helping them on their Metropolitan journey, each step of the way.” Whether a client’s goal is to look refreshed, to relax, or to create a new look, Ryan’s goal is that the entire staff of the Metropolitan provide each and every guest with an experience and to provide the information necessary for the guest to make an informed and educated decision, while feeling safe and comfortable in our surroundings. Ryan wants all clients to feel that their personal care at the Metropolitan is above and beyond all others.

Operations Manager

Sherry Huber

Sherry Walkowicz
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Sherry Huber is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner in Family Medicine since 2016. She has been a Nurse and Nurse Practitioner combined for 20 years with experience ranging from Neonatal Intensive Care, Trauma, ER, Urgent Care working as an NP, and in Aesthetics. Prior to joining the Metropolitan, Sherry was an Aesthetic Trainer teaching safety and artistry of injectables. She has experience in Botox, dermal fillers, Kybella, radiofrequency treatments, PRP, and laser. Sherry has studied and developed her technique using a gentle touch and has an eye for balancing the face, using shadow, light, and dimension to create a beautiful and natural appearance. She has a passion for helping clients achieve their most beautiful natural self from the skin to within. Sherry belongs to the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

Sherry will be following Suzanne closely in the first weeks. Not that she needs training, but as the Clinic Director Suzanne makes sure that everyone who joins us develops a way to maintain their own personality while matching the style of service that you've come to expect over the last 10 years. Suzanne and Sherry were like two peas in a pod since they first met, this time together will give them a chance to develop that camaraderie and share their trade secrets.

If you are in need of Botox or filler or would like a consultation, contact us today and we will schedule your appointment with her. Please join us in welcoming Sherry as our newest team member!

Nurse Practitioner

Ashley Archer

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Ashley Archer is an Advanced Practice Esthetician, Laser Technician, and Permanent Cosmetics Artist. Ashley loves transforming clients skin utilizing various treatments such as St. James chemical peels, microneedling (Skin Pen), HydraFacial MD, as well as various lasers: Halo, Forever Young BBL, Contour, Venus Viva etc. Ashley has been a make up artist since 2011 and that is where she found her passion for Permanent Cosmetics which she as been performing for over 4 years. Ashley has had advanced training in Permanent Cosmetics and is truly an artist! She is always up to-date with the latest trends and wants you to always walk away with a timeless natural look. What Ashley wants for her patients is to feel their very best inside and out! What she loves most about Permanent Cosmetics is not worrying about accidentally itching an eyebrow off midday, or looking in the car mirror and realizing you are sweating and your eyeliner is running down your face. Ashley believes that extensive product knowledge and dissecting the key ingredients in the products being used, is key to achieving your desired skin care results! In-house procedures give you that jump start with amazing results, but home care is just as important to bring the treatment full circle. Ashley will listen to your concerns and recommend what she believes are the best products to maintain all your hard work!

Licensed Clinical Esthetician, Certified Anti-Aging Technician and Semi Permanent Makeup Technician

Tiffany Gagstetter

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Tiffany is an Advanced Practice Esthetician, certified Anti-Aging Technician and Make-Up Artist, with over 20 years of experience in the skin care industry.  Tiffany is certified in various lasers such as Halo, Forever Young BBL, Contour, Venus Viva, Laser Hair Removal, as well as being certified in microneedling (Skin Pen). HydraFacial MD, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and St. James medical peels.   Tiffany has had advanced HydraFacial MD training, attending the HFX Experience in Chicago.  She also provides outstanding waxing and tinting services.  You will find Tiffany's skincare treatments to be extremely results driven, yet relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time.  She provides all of her clients with excellent product knowledge so that they are aware of what is being used during the treatment, as well as what products they will be using at home.  Tiffany is exceptionally knowledgeable in mineral makeup and has been a master of the craft for over 20 years.  Tiffany enjoys working with all skin types and achieving outstanding results! 

Advanced Practice Esthetician, Certified Anti-aging Technician and Makeup Artist

Patty Gatzke

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Customer Care Representative

Kati Goodman

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Kati has been in the hair industry for over 10 years since graduating from the Aveda Institute. She has been trained throughout the country expanding her cutting, coloring and various styling skills. Kati excels in all areas, but is especially passionate about curly hair, formal styles and balayage. She is continuously learning as the trends develop and change. Whether looking for a fresh new look or just a touch-up, Kati sets out to give her clients a professional, relaxing and all around great experience!


Nathan Jesh

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Nathan is a licensed clinical esthetician with over 4 years of experience in the health care industry. He is certified in skin care and Laser Technology and is advancing his knowledge as he progresses towards completion as a RN. He has experience working with lasers on all skin types and tones with fantastic results. Every skin care and laser treatment is custom tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. Nathan’s dedication and caring personality allows the client to feel comfortable as he helps them look their very best.

Licensed Clinical Esthetician, Certified Anti-aging Technician and Phlebotomy Technician

Holly Kane

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Holly Kane is the Metropolitan's Advanced Practice Esthetician Team Lead, with over 13 years of experience in the skincare industry.  Holly strives to help her clients, as well as her team (and their clients) get the results they seek through customized treatments. She approaches skin health as a whole by taking a close look at lifestyle along with at-home regime. Holly has experience working with and treating various skin types and tones with incredible results. She feels that education is the key to the success of skin health. Her list of services include: Anti-aging laser procedures (ie. Halo, Forever Young BBL, Contour, Venus Viva, etc.), HydraFacial MD, medical grade chemical peels, microneedling (Skin Pen), laser hair removal, phlebotomy, dermablading, full body waxing and brow and lash tinting.  Holly feels the human body is fascinating and complex and loves having the privilege of guiding clients through the process of positive changes that occur.  Holly has her Bachelors degree in Healthcare Management and is Nationally certified in Phlebotomy. 

Advanced Practice Esthetician, Certified Anti-aging Technician, and Phlebotomy Technician

Ericka Kotten

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Ericka Kotten started her journey at The Metropolitan as Customer Service Representative in April 2018.
She has a varied background in industries such as retail, transportation and logistics. While her
background has mainly resided in administrative support, joining The Metropolitan has given her an
opportunity to further her customer service skills. Ericka has always had a great interest in skincare and
anti-aging, as well as the vast array of other services that The Metropolitan Clinic has to offer. She
enjoys helping clients from the moment they enter the clinic to the time they leave. “One of the best
parts of being here is to witness clients before and after an appointment. So many people leave The
Metropolitan with pure joy and happiness and I like being a part of making that happen.”

Customer Care Representative

Jennifer Okeefe, LPN

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Jennifer is a LPN, Medical Assistant and Advance Practice Esthetician with more than 28 years experience collectively in a doctors office setting.  She was also previously a skincare team leader in a medical spa. Jennifer is well versed in Botox and Fillers and loves treating all areas of the face.  She is certified in lasers such as Halo, Forever Young BBL, Contour, Venus Viva, Laser Hair Removal, etc.  Jennifer is also certified in Sclerotherapy for treating spider veins. She has vast experience in a variety of skincare modalities including: anti-aging, acne and rosacea treatments. Jennifer loves the rewarding feeling achieved through the successful treatments she provides her clients. She feels each individual is unique, so therefore, every treatment she provides is customized to her patient's needs. She takes pride in listening to her clients concerns, developing that trust, and prescribing the perfect treatment plan that will address their concerns and achieve the results they are looking for.

Aesthetic Injectable Specialist, Clinical Esthetician, Laser Technician

Milly Versalles

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Milly Versalles is an Advanced Practice Esthetician and Laser Technician with over 12 years of experience in the industry.  Milly specializes in skin care treatments that focus on skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation/melasma, and problematic/acneic skin. She is certified in various laser treatments such as Halo, Forever Young BBL, Venus Viva, Laser Hair Removal, etc.  Milly is also certified in microneedling (SkinPen), HydraFacial MD, St. James chemical peels, and many other anti-aging and scar revision treatments.  Milly loves to educate guests in order to achieve the long lasting results they are searching for, which includes recommending the perfect customized products that will continue their skin care journey at home.  Being a part of her client's amazing skin transformation and seeing how great they look and feel, is the greatest reward!  Milly believes that truly listing to her client's needs, in order to create a customized plan, is the key to long lasting, successful results.

Licensed Clinical Esthetician, Certified Anti-aging Technician and Makeup Artist

Karen Zynda

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Customer Care Representative

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