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Liposuction Edina

Tight, firm, contoured bodies show off the results of your dedication and healthy habits. Many individuals struggle to achieve the contours they desire despite regular exercise and good nutrition.  Liposuction is a common procedure performed to achieve a firmer, tighter look that truly reflects your active lifestyle.  Areas commonly treated include the abdomen, lateral and inner thighs, and “love handles” in women, and in men.  The best candidates for liposuction are at their ideal body weight and exhibit good skin tone.  Often the unwanted fat can be transferred to a depleted area including the face, breast, or buttock.

With years of experience in body contouring procedures, Dr. Jacobson will listen to your areas of concern, and your desired goals, to provide you with the best procedure options for natural-looking liposuction results. With a trusted reputation for his high standards, predictable outcomes, and aesthetic style, Dr. Jacobson will provide you with the personalized plan to meet your desired new look.

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