chemical peels

St. James Medical Skincare has developed a new generation of chemical peel formulations. The Metropolitan’s peels contain active acids along with a blend of medical grade ingredients. These ingredients have been microencapsulated to help enhance regeneration of your tissue to diminish the buildup of dry, dead skin and stimulate the growth of new, hydrated cells.

St James Peels developed to meet your individual needs:

  • Transformation – For Hyperpigmentation, Brown spots, Melasma and anyone with a darker complexion.
  • Neck & Décolletage
  • Illumination – For uneven tone and texture.
  • Ultimate Purification For acne, problematic skin.
  • Purification 
  • RejuvenationFor Rosacea, redness prone skin.

Safe and Comfortable – St. James Peels are the safest and most comfortable peels you will find!

Treatments – All St. James Peel Systems are applied during an in-clinic appointment at the Metropolitan. The peel is then removed by the patient at home at a specific time provided by your Metropolitan skincare expert. Customized aftercare products are included to accelerate the regeneration process.

Consultation Everyone’s skin is unique and as part of our VIP program we provide you with a free interactive-no obligation consultation. This free consultation enables us to provide you with education on the St. James Peels, as well as other combination therapies that would be appropriate for you skin, so you can make an informed decision. A customized treatment plan will be developed for you to address your individual concerns and goals.

Combining a St. James Peel with MicroNeedling and Micro-Needling with PRP (platelet rich plasma) rejuvenation and Laser therapy can dramatically maximize your results and increase the anti-aging benefits!


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*Individual results may vary.

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