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Wake Up With Semi-Permanent Cosmetics by Edina’s Experts

At the Metropolitan the Suzanne St. James’ semi-permanent cosmetic technique lends a natural and realistic look. During the last 25 years of refinement this personalized technique makes it nearly impossible to tell whether you were blessed by Mother Nature or treated by professionals.

Stop imagining what perfectly shaped brows, well-defined eyes, and lasting lip color would do for you. Imagine being free from daily applied makeup that smears, smudges and disappears during the day. Imaging waking up every day looking your best!

During your consultation we will explain our technique and approach and actively listen to your expectations. We will use your face as a canvas to show you a customized artist rendition of your outcome before you start…a peek into the possibilities.

St. James Technique advantages

The St. James technique fades true to color with comfort management and uses no tattoo ink.

The eyebrow technique is created with a Natural Hair Stroke and is custom designed (No Stencils) allowing for 3 dimensional shape and added dimension to the eye. Additional hairstrokes can be added to thinning brows.

The Eyeliner Technique gives dramatic eye definition and a thicker Lash appearance with a lifted appearance to the eyes.

The Lip Color Technique gives full color to the lips, provides lip symmetry, prevents lipstick “bleeding” and allows for crooked lip line correction.

The St. James Technique is used successfully for scar revision and Areola Re-pigmentation after breast reconstruction which minimizes the appearance of scaring and restores an areola to a more natural looking color and shape.

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Before and After Photos

Eyebrow Hairstroke and Eyeliner - Before & AfterEyeliner - Before & After

Eyebrow Correction - Before & After

Eyebrow Correction - Before & After

Eyebrows - Before and After

Deb Avery - Eyeliner - Before and After

Jayne Lonergan - Lip Color Services - Before and After




*Individual results may vary.

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