VIP 5 star benefits

our loyal clients enjoy our five star luxury benefits

We understand that you are committed to your health, and we at Metropolitan want to reward you for that commitment. Our 5 star luxury benefits plan is designed to create a partnership that helps you get the most out of of your services. To learn more about the 5 star luxury benefits, sign up below.

Personal access to our clinic director

Our expertise is available to you at all times. As a VIP, you even get personal access to our clinic director who oversees the services we provide.

100% guarantee on all services

Our goal is to help you discover your best self and live your best life. As a VIP, we guarantee every service to your satisfaction and expectations.

Customized plans

Each person is unique. As a VIP, we provide you a customized plan so you can make the best decision for your beauty and wellness needs.

Referral bonus and loyalty program

We love rewarding amazing customers. As a VIP, you will receive special gifts and offers for being loyal and for referring friends and family.

Product offers

We offer only the best anti-aging, beauty and wellness products available. As a VIP, you will receive special offers and discounts on our full line of products.

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