Whether you are one or you know one, Minnesotans are die-hard when it comes to their state pride.

Here are 20 commonalities among most Minnesotans.

1. You're ashamed when you complain about the cold… even if it's below zero!

2. You look forward to Minnesota summers living the “lake life” like an eight-year-old looks forward to a trip to Disney World.

3. Your out-of-state friends roll their eyes when you ask to borrow a “hair binder.”

4. You're smart enough to avoid Mall of America on a Saturday at all costs

5. Your high school hangout was oftentimes a Dairy Queen.

6. Your love for country music intensifies in the summer months.

7. You're a die-hard Target shopper.

8. You get annoyed if someone brings up the movie Fargo. Sorry, but what kind of reaction are you looking for from me?

9. You throw a fit about missing the state fair every year and try to convince your family to send a bucket of Sweet Martha's cookies to you.

10. You know Uptown has the best night life in the Twin Cities. If you don't like spending summer nights on rooftops, then don't bother visiting Minneapolis.

11. Pavarotti means more to you than just a fancy Italian name.

12. On summer nights, it's common to receive this text from a friend: “Hey I'm bored, wanna walk around the lake?”

13. The words cherry and spoon are much more than just a drink garnish and eating utensil to you.

14. In March, high school hockey is the most important spectator sport on the face of Earth.

15. There isn't anything better than the “Hey! I was wondering if you would want to come to my cabin this weekend?” text.

16. You feel it is necessary to shoot dirty looks to Green Bay Packer fans.

17. You have to force a laugh every time someone makes the “oh you betcha” or “uff-da” joke. Seriously, none of us say that.

18. Going on the lake for the Fourth of July isn't just a fun option, it's a requirement.

19. You pride yourself in the simple act of being “nice.”

20. No matter where you go to college, you always know you will want to end up back in ‘Sota.


Source: http://theodysseyonline.com/miami/know-minnesota-when/104235

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