Sherry Huber

 Board Certified Nurse Practitioner in Family Medicine

Sherry Huber

New Hire at the Metropolitan

Sherry Huber is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner in Family Medicine since 2016. She has been a Nurse and Nurse Practitioner combined for 20 years with experience ranging from Neonatal Intensive Care, Trauma, ER, Urgent Care working as an NP, and in Aesthetics. Prior to joining the Metropolitan, Sherry was an Aesthetic Trainer teaching safety and artistry of injectables. She has experience in Botox, dermal fillers, Kybella, radiofrequency treatments, PRP, and laser. Sherry has studied and developed her technique using a gentle touch and has an eye for balancing the face, using shadow, light, and dimension to create a beautiful and natural appearance. She has a passion for helping clients achieve their most beautiful natural self from the skin to within. Sherry belongs to the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

Sherry will be following Suzanne closely in the first weeks. Not that she needs training, but as the Clinic Director Suzanne makes sure that everyone who joins us develops a way to maintain their own personality while matching the style of service that you've come to expect over the last 10 years. Suzanne and Sherry were like two peas in a pod since they first met, this time together will give them a chance to develop that camaraderie and share their trade secrets.

If you are in need of Botox or filler or would like a consultation, contact us today and we will schedule your appointment with her. Please join us in welcoming Sherry as our newest team member!

Call 952-288-2230 to schedule your consultation with Sherry Huber.

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