minneapolis botoxOur clients ask us all of the time if we discount our Botox on Groupon or CrowdCut — and it's a great question. We don't for one main reason, we are one of the largest purchasers of Botox which gives us the buying power to pass on to every client of ours, not just the discount seekers. We certainly don't want to assume that it is the same in all situations, but here is what our research has shown us:

Most clinics our team researched charge more per unit than we do at The Metropolitan to begin with. So while they are able to offer 20 unit price that appears very low, they know most situations may need 40-60 units, thus they make up for the discount on the 20-4o full priced, more expensive units.

Here is an example for a patient who may need 60 units

Groupon Clinic:
60 units needed: 20 units for $169 Groupon price + 40 units at $14/unit standard price = $729 total

The Metropolitan:
60 units at our price can start at just $600 total

Our recommendation is to always ask for the full price units and see how many you need before moving forward with your treatment and as always, feel free to call 952-288-2230 and we'll be happy to answer any questions over the phone!

The Metropolitan team is your health and beauty partner

Our history began long ago with a committed group of seasoned professionals.  We strategized over the years about the need for a leading edge clinic in the community that would offer a variety of anti-aging, beauty, and wellness services under one roof. The goal was to offer a high-end experience as we developed a trusting relationship in a non-clinical setting for all clientele.  The clients would be provided education, coupled with a customized treatment plan, and a 100% guarantee that every service would be provided to their satisfaction and expectation.  The experience would be provided in an inviting and welcoming atmosphere where it’s all about you.

 A word from our Clinical Director

“I care about my client’s overall wellness first and foremost, so we always create a plan that we can build upon, not one that we feel we went too far.” – Suzanne St. James

Holly has been great- I came in for a laser hair removal treatment, and she didn't hesitate to give me recommendations for vitamins and skin care ideas to help treat the acne breakouts I've been getting recently.


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